Take “Exit 35” to “Come Alive”
Beenleigh Region Uniting Church in partnership with the Guadalcanal Circuit in the Solomon Islands


Come and meet the congregation of Beenleigh Region Uniting Church who all participate in ministry.
Our mission is to lead people to fullness of life in Christ.

Every activity conducted by this Congregation is focused on the Vision Statement in the top banner.
Each activity then adds the specific activity elements for their own program as well as including the Pastoral Care ministry.
This all ends up with groups such as Fun Club, Youth Group, Indoor Bowls, Friends in Fellowship, A La Card, Happy Faces, Dancing, Travellers Life Group, Faith Life Groups (and lots more – check the What’s On Page) all providing specific activity programs while all the time focusing on extending God’s kingdom in this community.

About our Partnership
Through partnership, Beenleigh Region Uniting Church, Guadalcanal Circuit, the United Church in Solomon Islands Assembly and UnitingWorld seek a mutual process of positive transformation that leads to improvement in the whole of human life (materially, socially and spiritually). Such transformation is enabled by the recognition and realisation of potential within a local community. While transformation processes need to be focused within the local community they may be encouraged and facilitated by genuine partnership with people beyond the local situation.